Lost Key

I have been wearing a jacket to cover my arms during the day and for several weeks now I have felt in my pocket and noticed that something was missing but didn’t know what it could possibly be until a light bulb turned on in my head; then that’s when I remembered that it was the Landrover Key. It was missing. I had no idea where to begin to look for it. It could be from outside by the van to the Dart bus going to get my nails done to even being picked – pocketed although the latter is less likely than the other two. I was dreading telling my mother about losing the key because all I could hear was “when are you going to be more careful and take care of your belongings better” but she surprised me and said that it was okay that we got a clicker for the car and it doesn’t fit the back door any way. I couldn’t believe I got off that easily.  I’m not too worried about losing the key because the Landrover isn’t even at the place where I live. Well last night I decided that I would ask the front desk if anyone turned in a car key. I couldn’t believe what the receptionist asked me, “What kind of key was it?” What do you mean what kind of key was it? but I kept my mouth shut and said it was a long key and it went to the Landrover. She picked it up once but I didn’t say a word until she asked me whether this was it and at that time I told her yes that was it. The good thing about finding the key that I have not told anyone about until now was that there is a little zipper pouch and in that pouch there was money in there so when Jessica gave the key back to me I looked in the zipper and the money was still there. After being with the coffeee and conversation for awhile I went home and called Mom to tell her that I found the key.

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