Updating my IPAD

Well it took long enough but I finally got it done. Thursday I called Apple to reset my password but they didn’t tell me it would take at least 24 hrs to reset it so when I got up in the morning and went into my office to work on my IPAD and I still [...]

A Hard Lesson Learned

Today I learned a very hard lesson. I was getting so angry with the people that said that my website was down. For days I have been writing on my blog noticing that it never went down at all. So I decided to call the company and ask what the hell was going on. I [...]

Computer Problems

I can’t stand having computer problems especially when I can’t fix the problem on my own.When I have to call someone for help for a psasword reset or even a more complex computer problem and the other person on the other end does not explain what they want you to do very well so you [...]

No – Show Again

I getting pretty tired of Thursday morning. I go down to the library and wait for the manager to show up for the meeting with the tenants. Last week it was with Damian, the week before the meeting was held by John the maintenance man but this week no one showed and John and I [...]

Linda’s Comment

Linda walked in last night not a hi not a word and she got right to work in getting prepared to wash my hair. I knew something was up so I asked her, “Is everything alright?” She in return told me. “You were very standoffish on Saturday when I came.” I wasn’t sure how to [...]

Mom’s Birthday

It was my Mother’s birthday yesterday and she was able to celebrate two days of it. Friday the family got together to play cards and celebrate her day. She wasn’t sure that the family was going together at all; after the long trip that my two brothers came back from but Jerry said, “Let’s make [...]

Designing my Project

Please forgive me for being a bit fague on this topic but as time pass it will come clear to you why I had to withhold and only tell you part of the story for now. I am not a good artist. Pictures that I draw are not even known what the picture is by [...]

Shelby’s Meeting

Shelby wasn’t at her Thursday Morning meeting with the tenents again. She came to work over the weekend and I thought to myself then if she is here on the weekend she will not be here on the weekday next Thursday which I think really sucks. I don’t understand why she is so afraid of [...]

Broken Door Knob

Coming back from the coffee and conversation and being estatic about finding my key to the Landrover I went into the apartment to wait for Linda only I didn’t get in right away. I have a leash on my door knob so I can shut my door easy without too much effort. Under my wheelchair [...]

Lost Key

I have been wearing a jacket to cover my arms during the day and for several weeks now I have felt in my pocket and noticed that something was missing but didn’t know what it could possibly be until a light bulb turned on in my head; then that’s when I remembered that it was [...]